Student Competition

General Information

Joint Convention Meeting 2017 is a joint conference organized together by IAGI, HAGI, IATMI and IAFMI. As associations of professionals, we have great passion to share the working knowledge in the industry to the future generations.

By entering the competition, students will be able to get a glimpse of what the professionals does in their jobs. The competitions are organized into three categories:

  • Petroleum Exploration
    In this category the student will be challenged to generate a play from the available data. The aim is to simulate the work that is usually done in an exploration program. The participant will evaluate the existing petroleum system component and determine course of action that should be taken to require the exploration block and explore the area further
  • Field Development
    The modern plan of development scheme requires comprehensive and systematic exploitation scheme that includes reservoir simulation and surface facility design. In this competition, the students will be given a prospect and they will design the most optimum plan of development from well placement to surface production facility
  • Plant Simulation
    Surface production facility has to be designed accordingly to be able to process the hydrocarbon that has been extracted to the surface. The students are going to be given a case and they have to design the best surface facility. This category will also give the student a chance to experience of using cutting edge software that could accurately assist the plan simulation process


  1. Registration is done via e-mail to the
  2. In order to enter the competition, please make sure to submit the submission form here before April 30th 2017


  1. Any academic institution (school) with a geoscience degree program may apply to participate in the petroleum exploration program
  2. Any academic institution (school) with a petroleum engineering degree program may apply to participate in the field development program
  3. Any academic institution (school) with a chemical engineering degree program may apply to participate in the plan simulation program
  4. Teams should comprise no more than three undergraduate students
  5. Only one team from an academic institute may participate in each program the JCM Student Competition 2017. Example: University “A” has Geology and Petroleum Engineering Department. A total of two teams may enter the competition. One for the exploration program and another one for the development program
  6. The names of all students taking part in the competition will need to be submitted to JCM Student Competition 2017 Committee before the datasets are distributed
  7. Only the three winning students will receive travel grants for Joint Convention Meeting 2017

Faculty Advisor

  1. Faculty Advisor must commit to the program and be responsible for the team’s preparation and participation. They must be willing to ensure that the spirit and ethos of the program are honored and maintained
  2. The faculty advisor is responsible for the maintenance of the rules and procedures of the JCM Student Competition 2017
  3. The role of the faculty advisor is to advise only. The assessment of the dataset and the presentation must be the result of independent student team analysis
  4. Every participating student team needs to be confirmed and approved by the faculty advisor
  5. Faculty Advisors are encouraged at all times to view the program as a learning experience and encourage team dynamics and participation
  6. Faculty Advisors are to ensure that all team members and Consultants read and understand the Rules and Operational Procedures prior to embarking on the program

Project Data Analysis

  1. For the petroleum exploration program, the following topics should be covered in the data analysis:
    • Geodynamics, plate tectonic setting & tectonic evolution
    • Sedimentary basins: classification & tectonic setting
    • Petroleum system evaluation: source, reservoir, seal, trap and migration pathway.
    • Volumetric
    • Lead and prospect delineation
    • Final recommendation for business action
  1. For the field development program, the following topics should be covered in the data analysis:
    • PVT and core analysis
    • Volume in-place and recovery factor estimation
    • Well placement and optimization
    • Well deliverability and performance
    • Production scheme design
    • Surface facility plan
  1. For the plan simulation program, the following topics should be covered in the data analysis:
    • Turbine efficiency
    • Control strategy
    • Blowdown scenario and valve sizing
    • Project duration
    • Cost analysis

Student Competition Workshop

  1. The committee organized workshop to give the student participants an introduction course regarding the software that is going to be used in the competition
  2. In the workshop, the sponsor will provide installer and license dongle for the software that is going to be used for a limited period
  3. The students must sign an agreement regarding the usage of the software
  4. The license dongle must be returned to the committee once the competition is over


  1. The winning team of JCM Student Competition 2017 will receive a travel grant to Joint Convention Meeting 2017 in Malang
  2. The travel grant will include free pass to the convention, flights, accommodations, airport transfer and local transport

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