Chairman Welcome Note

Chairman’s Letter

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am delighted to welcome all the delegates and their guests to 7th Joint Convention & Exhibition Malang (JCM 2017). JCM 2017 will be jointly hosted by Indonesian Association of Geophysicists (HAGI), Indonesian Association of Geologists (IAGI), the Indonesian Association of Petroleum Facility (IAFMI) and the Indonesian Association of Petroleum Engineer (IATMI). The convention will held from September 25-28, 2017, in the city of Malang, a mountain resort city with cool weather and pleasant surrounding, rich in tourist attractions and cultural heritage, is ideal for feeling the nature and recharge your batteries.

This is Indonesia’s largest event devoted to the geoscientists and engineers, and it will give participants a platform to exchange ideas, discover novel opportunities, reacquaint with colleagues, meet new friends, and broaden their knowledge. The slump in oil price and mining commodities to their lowest level in a decade is the challenges for geoscientists, engineers and other industry professionals gather at this event to plan their E&P business program and investment to the next level.

The theme of the convention is Natural Resources & Infrastructure Development for National Sovereignty. Despite the abundance of energy resources, Indonesia is often plagued by blackouts – particularly outside the bigger cities on Java and Bali – because of shortages in the country’s energy supply. Lack of adequate infrastructure in Indonesia seriously undermines the attractiveness of Indonesia’s investment climate. Thus, energy and infrastructure have dependency in supporting economic growth strategy for national sovereignty.

The convention’s mixture of international and local speakers, in-depth educational offerings, and important delegate opportunities for contribution and discussion make it a “must attend” event for all in the geological, geophysical, petroleum, mining and infrastructural community. It will broadly cover all disciplines of geoscience and engineering from fundamental research to “blue sky” applications of E&P activities.

Finally, we hope that active participation of all stakeholders, visitor, exhibitor and delegate at the JCM 2017 will generate solutions to the challenges of energy and mining industry in Indonesia. To ensure that you receive regular updates please refer to as further details regarding the conferences, workshops, and other related events are announced.

Yours faithfully

Fatrial Bahesti